How to manage your garden if you have a small space?

How to arrange the garden yourself without having to seek the intervention of a specialist? There are some rules to follow if you want to get a satisfactory result to create a harmonious outer space and pleasant to contemplate  throughout the year.

garden 1Start as a professional: make a plan of your garden. If you want the best results, it will make four versions of the plan. First you will realize an initial  plan  to get an idea what size and design possibilities of your garden. Then you should perform a basic plan that mentions the measures, the terrain of your garden and the traffic routes. This plan is the basis of the other two following plans. The creative plan or landscape plan is the one on which you place in the imagination all the new and old elements that make up your outdoor space: walkways, pergolas, terraces, garden paths, hedges etc. Then a planting plan is necessary with which you position and list the plant species. You must take into account the climate in your area. It is according to this that you can choose plants that will adapt better to the weather and the location of your garden plot. It is important to identify the shaded areas and sunny areas to determine how best to allocate your plants. This plan can be done on graph paper or on a lawn software online and free. Once your blueprints locate what is the common thread in this new arrangement to make your outdoor space homogeneous.

Once the foundations for adjustments are made, think about  the configuration of your field. You can choose to install a terrace. It’s a good idea to start  areas for relaxation and games. Remember that the access to water is essential as you need it for your plants? If you want to install a small outdoor kitchen, would you easily access to water? It is crucial for the maintenance and development of the garden. We advise you to be creative in the development process. Imagine your dream garden, make a sketch of your yard and think if your dreams can get closer to the reality!

A large field will allow you to install more things, but it also requires more investment in terms of money and time. Why not dedicate a space for children with slides, games and swings. You can also make a summer kitchen area with barbecue. The pergola is perfect for open spaces. It is important to create active areas and relaxation zones. A garden comfortably be widely enjoyed by the whole family and friends.bonsai_tree

If you have a small space it is not very useful to divide it into zones. Concentrate more on the selection of trees and plants. Preferably, do not put large trees that may be too big. Have a preference for small shrubs that are undemanding in terms of space. The floor covering is the subject of special care. The materials vary: tiles, stones, gravel, wood and others. The choice will be based on terrain and usage.

State Flower of New York – The Rose

New York, the 7th most densely populated state in northeastern United State was designated the rose (Rosa) as the state flower in 20th April 1955. The Rose, well known as the symbol of love is in the family Rosaceae is having over 150 species and more than 20,000 hybrids of Roses available. Its colors varying from white through all shades of pink to deep red, lilac, peach, yellow, crimson and numerous other hues. Roses are always makes the world beautiful. Even though they have their spiny thorns, roses became the most popular flowering shrubs of the world.

There are many native roses listed in North America. Roses in New York can be categorized in to several groups based on the habit and breeding. Hybrid Tea Roses are large blooms which having only one to a stem. Floribunda Roses are smaller than hybrid tea roses but they are very charming for landscape use. Shrub Roses required minimum care and also it has wide range of sizes and shapes. Further, shrub roses are hardy and disease resistance while tall Grandiflora roses good for background border and cutting. Miniature Roses are one of the hardiest popular roses in New York. Since it’s flowers and the plant is very small, they are commonly used for rock gardens, edging or for containers.

Bare root roses should be planted only in early spring or late fall and then should fertilize monthly from March until September. Generally rose flower plants grow up to 2-10 feet depending on its nature. Most of the rose types in New York ever-blooming and pruning are the utmost importance for continuous flowers. In addition to that it’s required to water well once-a-week with a soaker hose except in weeks when there has been rain. Another important factor of roses is two different species can easily combine to produce a new type of roses that has characteristics of the both parents. But importantly it has its own identity.

Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget…….A romantic garden wedding steals the show!

So it’s your wedding and you are worried as you don’t have an extravagant budget for the occasion. Well, you needn’t worry as there are now outdoor wedding ideas on a budget you can try out. Instead of holding your wedding in a hall or church, why not settle for something cheaper and more novel like a garden wedding

Even if you don’t’ have a yard large enough for your wedding, you can always book your city’s parks for much cheaper than a real wedding venue. Read on to learn how you can plan, save and still have a memorable garden wedding.


Gardens are naturally less expensive to decorate as they are naturally beautiful with their flowers and greenery. It takes just a simple arch to create a wedding atmosphere! Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget includes setting tables with mismatched China and using teapots as vases.

Teacups can double as place cards and personalized favors by writing your guests’ names on them using a gold pen. Decorate a gold birdcage with flowers and moss to hold programs on the guest table and make envelopes, cupcake liners, petal cones and much more using pretty and cheaper paper doilies.


Save money on food by hosting an afternoon tea party instead of a full dinner meal. Serve sandwiches, fruit, quiches and other similar tea party food and place pretty bowls of berries at every table.

No tea party is complete without desserts; so add in a plethora of pastries like mini tarts, French macaroons and petit fours to the spread. They are not only great in taste, but also beautiful. Don’t forget a beautifully decorated decadent cake topped with a vintage crown.

If you are not happy serving sandwiches for your wedding, order from a local Italian restaurant and hire wait staff. This is cheaper as prices are based on waiter hours and a set group rate and not on an individual basis. Regarding alcohol, you can save lots if you make your own homemade sangria or wine which your guests will enjoy instead of the usual alcohol you get elsewhere!

Wedding dresses

Instead of buying a new wedding dress, you can find dresses worn just once at incredible savings. Wear a big, white sunhat instead of a veil as it complements a tea party theme perfectly. Complete your bride look with lace gloves and shoes with rose details and for your bouquet, choose garden roses instead of peonies as they are similar to look and cost much less.

Save money and stress by letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress complementing their individual body types. Just make sure their colors, lengths and styles are cohesive! In case of the groom and groomsmen, forget tux rentals and instead, have them wear white shirts, suspenders, khakis and ties they own.

Use your network

Use your network of friends and acquaintance to find out if you have a baker amidst them or someone who knows a florist to save money ordering through them. Instead of hiring a DJ, sign up for a premium Spotify music-streaming account and customize a playlist by sharing one on Facebook for friends to request songs beforethe wedding. You can then play music through a laptop and perhaps have a friend DJ the lists!

With so many outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, you are sure to have a wedding you can afford, and which you will reminiscence for your lifetime!


Events You Can Enjoy in the Gardens of New York

Everyone probably has their own favourite place to enjoy their spare time such as home, park, café, coffee shop, club, and many more. However, most people would agree with the fact that the most people choose a local park or garden as their favourite place to spend their free time. Every single person that ever visits a park or garden whether to enjoy their spare time, picnic, or do other things. Every city or town at least has parks/gardens that are designed to be the place of healing stress. When you want to escape from your everyday activity, parks or gardens will always be a nice choice. It not only releases stress but also allows you to meet new people. Each garden has different concepts and functions. For example, some gardens of New York provide natural beauty and outdoor places to be used by public. Here we will give you some information about three New York Gardens; Central Park, Narrows Botanical Garden, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Central Park

This one is really popular and is often used for many activities such as picnic, playing sports, sunbathing and many more. If you prefer a calming atmosphere with fresh city wind, you can visit one of the loveliest spots in Central Park that is conservatory garden. You can look at so many tulips there when spring comes. You can also enjoy a picnic there with your family and friends. There are some nice spots for a picnic such as Cedar Hill, East Green, East Meadow, and Great Hill.

Narrows Botanical Garden

The next one is Narrows Botanical Garden that is located in Brooklyn, New York. It has a flora section that fills up with roses, willows, and linden trees. There is also an area where a pathway surrounded by lilacs, lilies and jasmines. This garden gives you a beautiful sight and interesting events that you can always enjoy there. If you are flora lovers, you can participate in the event called Annual Spring Plant. If you prefer Art shows, then you can look up to events like poetry reading or movie night showing.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you want to go to a place with the most beautiful cherry blossoms, then you can go to Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The cherry blossom look so magnificent here with more than 200 trees that blossoming along the pathway. There is also the first garden that inspired by Japanese garden which you can find here. When spring comes, there are many people who wait for the Sakura Matsuri festival which shows many trees blooming. You can also enjoy Hanami which invite visitors to celebrate Cherry-Blossom viewing season. For those of you with children, you can take them to look at fauna in the Japanese-Hill-and-Pond Garden.

New York is a fast pace environment with people and businesses going around the clock. To de-stress and enjoy a bit of nature, visit one of these gardens to return to your zend.

Save money: grow wedding flowers in your own indoor garden

If you have looked at flowers for a wedding, you may be well aware it is easy to run up a $2,000 bill for flowers alone. However, many brides may not realize many flowers in the United States are not grown in the country. They are imported. Why does it matter if 60 percent of the country’s flowers have been grown overseas? Many growers spray these flowers with pesticides and government officials have no regulations for the toxins in these flowers.

It is easy for a bride to have beautiful blooms in winter if you force the bulbs in pots and set them in a cellar or cool area of 35 to 45 degrees for 12 weeks. You can also store the flower bulbs in the freezer and remove those flowers four weeks before the wedding. Set them in a sunny place to grow and you have beautiful bursts of color to brighten any winter wedding.

Advantages to growing your own flower garden indoors

You can have flowers that are safe for you to handle, because you know no pesticides have been used. You do not have to worry about the chemicals that make your eyes water or that they will cause an allergy or asthma attack. You do not have to worry about the headaches that come smelling these strong pesticides – full of chemicals.

They are beautiful. Who does not appreciate lilies, miniature iris, tulips, and the bright yellow of daffodils at a winter wedding? The added bonus is that you can tell your friends you do have a great green thumb. You can make things grow, when it is not spring – but only, if you have an indoor garden!

Remember when you use the flowers from the indoor garden at your wedding; you want to remove the fruit from your fridge. The flowers cut from your garden will wilt otherwise and will not stay nice for your ceremony. Fruit releases ethylene, a ripener, into your fridge. You can preserve those indoor garden flowers if you transport them on ice. They will make your wedding look good in photos and be the talk of your guests for weeks because you had a bridal bouquet that pops with color in winter.

Cost of doing-it-yourself wedding planners cannot beat when it comes to Flowers

A bride-to-be can easily cut the cost of her wedding flowers down from $650 to under $200, if she is willing to do a little work. It is possible for a bride to have the fresh, cut flowers she wants at her wedding. No one needs to spend a fortune on wedding flowers! The trick is to pick flowers that give a bride the most blooms. For example, if timed right, a single cornflower will provide 700 blooms – enough for corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and other arrangements.



You should save money and utilize that backyard garden when you plan your backyard wedding. This way, you have a beautiful backyard setting, a beautiful bouquet, and you save a great deal of money on flowers. You do not have to choose a single bloom either for your bouquet. If you time the flowers blooms, you can grow several varieties of hearty flowers for a bouquet, etc.




Flowers that make plenty of blooms for any bride to be


A backyard wedding will not be as beautiful, if there were many blooms for a garden wedding. What are good flowers for any bride to be to put in her backyard? , cornflowers, snapdragons, cerinthe major purpurascens, Clary sage, and sweet peas are good flowers for a backyard wedding and a bride’s bouquet. If harvested at the right time, feed properly every two weeks, these flowers may produce hundreds of blooms.



However, why stop at blooms for a bride’s wedding? Shrubs and backyard plants can also make any backyard wedding special. A bride to be can use some blooms for an archway or for table decorations. It may require planning to make sure the blooms are the right height for a bride to be’s purposes and needs. Depending on the type of bloom, it may take years to reach a certain height, so brides need to start planning early for their backyard wedding. It may take years for some flowers to have enough blooms, so it appears the backyard is full of many flowers.


Think about color palette and space before you start to plant the garden flowers


Do you have enough space in your backyard to hold a garden wedding, complete with more than 700 blooms? Many plants may need between three to four square feet to grow. Multiply that for 60 to 70 plants and you may need more than 300 square feet for all the garden blooms. As a bride to be, do you have enough backyard for the plants, shrubs, and flowers? If you do not, you can always borrow a friend’s backyard for your wedding ceremony.


As a bride to be, you might want to think about your color palette more than a year before your wedding, if possible. If you plan a color palette years in advance, you can rest assured the flowers you want will work for your wedding theme and you have adequate space for all the flowers that you want to appear at your wedding. As a bride to be, you have control over the color, the selection, and the cost of the flowers for any backyard wedding.

Four things for every bride to be to remember if she grows the wedding Flowers

Brides to be may save money if they grow their own flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, etc., but before you set out to harvest those blooms, here are four important tips any bride to be needs to know.


Be familiar with the type – If you decide to harvest wildflowers for your wedding, every bride to be should choose flowers that are native to the area. It is better to plant wildflowers from seed that are formulated for your region. If a bride to be harvests wildflowers that are not native to the area and are considered true wildflowers that are not purchased from a garden seed store, you could be doing more harm than good for the flowers – disrupting their growing times and causing bald patches when you harvest the day before your wedding.


Bring life to winter – There is no rule against anyone’s wish to have vibrant spring flowers at your winter wedding. If you want spring flowers, do a little force growing. Plant your seeds in fall, in the planters you want to use. Then, place them in a cool area that is between 35 and 45 degrees for eight to 12 weeks. Roughly four weeks before the ceremony, bring the plants to grow in a warm area to grow. This can make a bride to be happy, with a wedding of rainbow color.


Plan your flower picking – As a bride to be, you may need blooms for your bouquet and wedding party, but no one wants to deplete their flower garden of all their beautiful blooms. Work with your flowers, by planting flowers that will release a number of blooms, such as the Sweet Pea. These are hardy flowers that can produce a large number of flowers, if cut correctly before the ceremony. Pick on Monday and there should be plenty of blooms again by Thursday for any bride to be’s wedding.


Use great growers – Any bride to be, who grow their flowers, will learn which flower varieties will yield a greater number of flower blossoms. For example, a single cornflower produces enough flowers for three weddings, if you keep cutting the plant. Do not forget to feed it, too! Otherwise, the hard work put into your flower growing may be wasted and a bride to be will not have the flowers she wants at her wedding.