Cost of doing-it-yourself wedding planners cannot beat when it comes to Flowers

A bride-to-be can easily cut the cost of her wedding flowers down from $650 to under $200, if she is willing to do a little work. It is possible for a bride to have the fresh, cut flowers she wants at her wedding. No one needs to spend a fortune on wedding flowers! The trick is to pick flowers that give a bride the most blooms. For example, if timed right, a single cornflower will provide 700 blooms – enough for corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and other arrangements.



You should save money and utilize that backyard garden when you plan your backyard wedding. This way, you have a beautiful backyard setting, a beautiful bouquet, and you save a great deal of money on flowers. You do not have to choose a single bloom either for your bouquet. If you time the flowers blooms, you can grow several varieties of hearty flowers for a bouquet, etc.




Flowers that make plenty of blooms for any bride to be


A backyard wedding will not be as beautiful, if there were many blooms for a garden wedding. What are good flowers for any bride to be to put in her backyard? , cornflowers, snapdragons, cerinthe major purpurascens, Clary sage, and sweet peas are good flowers for a backyard wedding and a bride’s bouquet. If harvested at the right time, feed properly every two weeks, these flowers may produce hundreds of blooms.



However, why stop at blooms for a bride’s wedding? Shrubs and backyard plants can also make any backyard wedding special. A bride to be can use some blooms for an archway or for table decorations. It may require planning to make sure the blooms are the right height for a bride to be’s purposes and needs. Depending on the type of bloom, it may take years to reach a certain height, so brides need to start planning early for their backyard wedding. It may take years for some flowers to have enough blooms, so it appears the backyard is full of many flowers.


Think about color palette and space before you start to plant the garden flowers


Do you have enough space in your backyard to hold a garden wedding, complete with more than 700 blooms? Many plants may need between three to four square feet to grow. Multiply that for 60 to 70 plants and you may need more than 300 square feet for all the garden blooms. As a bride to be, do you have enough backyard for the plants, shrubs, and flowers? If you do not, you can always borrow a friend’s backyard for your wedding ceremony.


As a bride to be, you might want to think about your color palette more than a year before your wedding, if possible. If you plan a color palette years in advance, you can rest assured the flowers you want will work for your wedding theme and you have adequate space for all the flowers that you want to appear at your wedding. As a bride to be, you have control over the color, the selection, and the cost of the flowers for any backyard wedding.

Four things for every bride to be to remember if she grows the wedding Flowers

Brides to be may save money if they grow their own flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, etc., but before you set out to harvest those blooms, here are four important tips any bride to be needs to know.


Be familiar with the type – If you decide to harvest wildflowers for your wedding, every bride to be should choose flowers that are native to the area. It is better to plant wildflowers from seed that are formulated for your region. If a bride to be harvests wildflowers that are not native to the area and are considered true wildflowers that are not purchased from a garden seed store, you could be doing more harm than good for the flowers – disrupting their growing times and causing bald patches when you harvest the day before your wedding.


Bring life to winter – There is no rule against anyone’s wish to have vibrant spring flowers at your winter wedding. If you want spring flowers, do a little force growing. Plant your seeds in fall, in the planters you want to use. Then, place them in a cool area that is between 35 and 45 degrees for eight to 12 weeks. Roughly four weeks before the ceremony, bring the plants to grow in a warm area to grow. This can make a bride to be happy, with a wedding of rainbow color.


Plan your flower picking – As a bride to be, you may need blooms for your bouquet and wedding party, but no one wants to deplete their flower garden of all their beautiful blooms. Work with your flowers, by planting flowers that will release a number of blooms, such as the Sweet Pea. These are hardy flowers that can produce a large number of flowers, if cut correctly before the ceremony. Pick on Monday and there should be plenty of blooms again by Thursday for any bride to be’s wedding.


Use great growers – Any bride to be, who grow their flowers, will learn which flower varieties will yield a greater number of flower blossoms. For example, a single cornflower produces enough flowers for three weddings, if you keep cutting the plant. Do not forget to feed it, too! Otherwise, the hard work put into your flower growing may be wasted and a bride to be will not have the flowers she wants at her wedding.