LaGuardia Corner Gardens



LaGuardia Corner Gardens (LCG) is on a strip of City owned land subject to development.  For several years members sought to transfer the land from the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) to the Dept. of Parks and Recreation (Parks), in order to secure the garden’s future.  NYU blocked the transfer. 

NYU intends to develop 2.5 million square feet, the size of the Empire State Building, on its two superblocks -- Washington Square Village and the Silver Towers, see NYU 2031.  NYU plans to build, as of right, on the supermarket site adjacent to the garden, a building that will close the garden for several years during construction and cast whatever remains in shade.  LCG would no longer be a flower garden.  LCG joined CAAN2031, a coalition of community groups in the Village, the East Village, Soho, NoHo, and Union Square, in opposing NYU’s massive development plans, see Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031.

LCG, along with Community Board 2, Borough President Scott Stringer, City Council Member Margaret Chin, State Senator Thomas Duane, and State Assembly Member Deborah Glick, supported the transfer of all DOT strips to Parks.  These strips, on Mercer, Bleecker, and LaGuardia Place, are public spaces developed and enjoyed by the community.  They include gardens, a dog run, and a playground. 

On June 6, 2012, the NYC Planning Commission approved NYU’s expansion.  On July 25, 2012, the City Council voted to approve the plan with some modifications.  Litigation to protect the garden by making it a “park” under NYS’s Public Trust Doctrine ended with a finding by the NYS Court of Appeals that there was insufficient evidence that the City intended to make the garden a park.  Demolition of the Coles Sports Center -- the first stage of NYU 2031 -- is expected to begin next year.

Open Space Report

LaGuardia Corner Gardens and the LMNOP Playground commissioned an open space report by the Hunter College Center for Urban Planning.  This report, which was presented to the NYC Planning Commission, shows that NYU Plan 2031 is decreasing, not increasing, public open space, as NYU claims.  It also shows that the garden and other precious open green spaces will be permanently lost to construction. See Hunter Open Space Report.

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NYU 2031


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Articles and Listings

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Parks Department Rules for Gardens

An agreement between the Mayor of New York and the NYS Attorney General, signed in 2002, expired September 2010.  It has been replaced by rules issued by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

The NYC Community Garden Coalition, which represents NYC’s nearly 300 community gardens, continues to seek permanent protection for the gardens. The rules issued by the Parks Dept. can be modified or revoked by future City administrations and, therefore, do not assure permanence for the gardens -- even those that have been flourishing for decades.


Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

Mollie Parness Dress Up Your Neighborhood

In Remembrance

In April 2007 the garden planted the Love and Peace rose in honor and remembrance of Auxiliary Police Officers Nicholas Pekearo and Eugene Marshalik of the Sixth Precinct, who died while in pursuit of the killer of Alfredo Romero Morales. 

Participants in Children’s Program

The Cooke Center Academy

Little Red Schoolhouse

PS 41 - The Greenwich Village School

The Village Community School


In the summer of 2007 the garden participated in field research conducted by a graduate student at Columbia University.  Kristy King hypothesized that gardens with increased plant structural complexity (more trees and shrubs as opposed to just vegetable crops) would have more beneficial insects and, in turn, fewer pests. 

The results of her research led to the conclusion that community gardeners need not scale back food production in order to decrease the population of pests. Parasitoid wasps that feed on pests are capable of "tracking" pest populations across a large and urbanized landscape. Increasing the number of street trees around each garden may facilitate the movement of beneficial insects throughout the urban matrix, so this may be one way for gardeners to manage for healthy insect populations within their gardens.  Perhaps the large-scale tree planting initiative that is a part of Plan NYC 2030 will enhance the diversity of beneficial insects in community gardens, while also increasing air quality and reducing the urban heat island effect in New York City.

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