Decorating Your Melbourne Garden With Useless Materials

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Do you have a garden and want to decorate it? Do you know any special tricks to make extraordinary, unexpected decorations for your garden? If no, then gardeners Melbourne provides some of the easy and smart tricks to utilize such useless material to decorate the garden.

Do you have the suitable budget to accomplish this task?

Actually, if you have a garden and want to decorate it within your budget, you just check some tips by Laguardia Corner Gardens for reusing useless things for decorating your garden.


Forget all about going to stores and just look for some old, useless objects around your home. With a little imagination and inspiration, you can decorate your garden with these waste materials.

The following tips will show you how to decorate your garden using old tires, old ladders, aluminium cans, etc.:


Reuse regular metal cans to decorate your garden. It is very easy to transform these objects into fun planters which hold colorful flowers or plants.

However, you have to make it look better by painting it with bright colors, drawing flowers, leaves, bees, etc. on it, or putting some stickers.

2- Decorating with pallets

Old pallets are so useless in your house and so useful for your garden. They can be used to make sofas, shelves, coffee tables or any other recycled furniture especially that the wooden structures perfectly fits the exterior decoration.

3- Decorating with tires

Old tires can be used as swings for children or flower pots covered with nice fabrics.

Use your imagination to create new ideas, and remember to draw moons, flowers, etc. on them, or just paint them with different colors.

4- Reuse old ladders

Can you imagine that even old ladders which are either broken or no longer stable can also be reused in your garden? They can add a vintage touch.

You can use them like a shelf and fill the rungs with candles, pots, photographs or old books.

5- Decorate with wellies

If you have a lot of wellies lying around, you can use them to decorate your garden by making them planters.

You may not need to decorate them as they usually have bright colors and fun designs.

If you think that this is enough, then you have to check these additional extraordinary tips which you may never be heard of before:

1- Use an old lampshade to set a glow with a curvy torch in your garden; it will be gorgeous especially at evening.

2- Arrange beautifully, colorful flowers in a mason jar, it will provide a rustic, magnificent effect.

3- If you have some empty seed packets, don’t think of throwing them away, those empty seed packets are great for your garden.

Reuse them to create some easy crafts like putting sand and planting flowers in them or plant gazon as a hair inside them and draw happy faces on the outside, then you can display them indoors and out.

4- Did you ever think of making a caterpillar bowling ball art from coloring some unused balls and connecting them?

It is an easy craft to decorate your garden and bowl over your visitors by this very friendly bowling ball art. You can try creating different kinds and colors of bowling ball bugs, like a ladybug or bumblebee. This will be amazing as a great doorstop, in a flower patch or in a herb garden.

5- Decorate with Mushrooms

You can also make some big red garden ­mushrooms by dressing up your yard or front porch with some Mushrooms. It is a simple project where you just use any useless thing to make the stem and the head then color them.

6- Create a Dragonfly

Some old keys, old license plates, and chair leg are useless, but combining them together can create an amazing dragonfly for your backyard.

7- Even birds can enjoy reused things

You can create a unique recycled birdbath by using an old lamp base. Your birds will love it.